I turn my vision for the future into concrete plans for the present.

I am a biblical dreamer who helps teams get things done. I can make a plan and set the pace toward making ideas reality. I am a strategic-thinker who decides carefully. I am resourceful: I bring useful tools and training. I keep congregations and community leaders on the cutting edge.

I lead change, and I stay steady and focused through inevitable ups and downs.

We're on a mission from God for the sake of the world, and I help congregations and leaders refocus and transform. I am confident, creative, and guided by deep conviction. I am a problem-solver. When others are intimidated, I am invigorated by the challenge.

I build deep, trusting relationships.

I form solid, genuine, and mutually-rewarding relationships. I am warm and approachable. The relationships I form are deep, rather than broad. I trust that we are all called to the joyful, intentional work of building relationships that can receive the gift of community.


From my ELCA Rostered Leader Profile

Areas of Expertise

  1. Preaching / Worship Leadership
  2. Recruit and Equip Leaders
  3. Strategic Mission Planning
  4. Ministry in Daily Life
  5. Building a Sense of Community

Areas of Strength

  1. Community Organizing
  2. Evangelism / Mission
  3. Communications / Media
  4. Conflict Management
  5. Participant in the Larger Church