Grimgut Gobmage

Grimgut Gobmage began as an NPC I wrote into “More Goblins!” for Escalation #6, the 13th Age fanzine. But I had so much fun with Grimgut, when a friend started a new campaign, I rolled him up as my character.

Grimgut Gobmage

Level 1 Goblin Wizard


I am the Archmage of goblins.


+1 the Three
~1 Archmage
-1 Priestess


+3 impeached 45th master of Sump, glorious goblin city, rival of Horizon, in the southern Owl Barrens
+3 originator of "Grimgut's Ooze”
+2 imposter Cathedral docent in Santa Cora


Cantrip Mastery
Vance's Polysyllabic Verbalizations: “Lickspittle's Black Dragon Lugey” (Acid Arrow), “Derro Derro Dig Too Deep Crazy Even When You Sleep” (Color Spray)
Wizard's Familiar: an ooze with Mimic and Scouting abilities that Grimgut often keeps in his boot. It squelches when he walks.

Before the campaign started, the GM asked, “What does it say that a 1st level wizard is the Archmage of goblins?” And I said, “It says everything you need to know.”

Grimgut is an absurdist caricature. A much-less-foul-mouthed Selina Meyer from Veep—only a goblin. Impulsive. Shameless. Refuses to admit mistakes.

The GM is cool with Grimgut. Grimgut doesn’t break the tone of his campaign. And I’m not out to be the constant center of attention, so the party has fun with Grimgut too.